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RTM Enterprises – Gas/Electric Consulting & Sales for Businesses & Not For Profits

AT RTM Enterprises, we manage all phases of your energy requirements.

RTM puts thousands of dollars into your pocket annually, guaranteed. Corporations choose RTM Enterprises, Inc. for all their energy needs because we don’t just sell energy. Having access to multiple energy services, as well as unique programs that others don’t, lowers your annual energy costs and puts money back in your pocket.

Dollarphotoclub_75697177-web-cropThe process is simple and easy! All you do is:

  • Select the services
  • Provide us with two copies of your energy bills
  • Reap the benefits!

While our offices are in New York State, we can help organizations anywhere in the United States. Please call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation or to answer any questions you may have!