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Alternate Energy Suppliers

This program is called deregulation. It is currently available to commercial businesses in thirty-nine states. Alternate gas and electric suppliers can be chosen to supply your energy requirements, as opposed to your current utility provider. Additional states are in the process of considering similar programs.

These alternate suppliers are called ESCOs (Energy Service Companies). Significant sales tax incentives are achieved when a firm utilizes an ESCO. The gas and electric continues to be delivered by your current company, which already has the delivery system in place. The commodity itself, however, is purchased directly from the ESCO.

Dollarphotoclub_29255428-webThere is no interruption in service, the ESCO handles all of the paper work, and your current provider continues to be responsible for troubleshooting and the resolution of any and all delivery issues that result from storms and other forces of nature.

Savings from the use of alternate energy suppliers range between 3% and 30% depending on your company’s size and location.

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