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Energy Audits

This user-friendly process allows a business to verify if they have been billed accurately by their current gas, electric, and telephone providers merely by providing one current copy of each invoice. This information allows us to audit the previous six years’ expenditures, and to verify that the invoiced charges were accurate.

Our audits are conducted strictly on a contingency basis. We are only compensated if the client has been overcharged. If overcharges are found, the entire amount of the overcharge plus interest, (compounded at 1.5% monthly), is refunded directly to the client. We then bill the client a percentage of the recovered overcharges.

graph-300wIf your business spends a combined total of at least $4,000 per month on gas, electric, and telephone bills, you are encouraged to participate in the bill audit program. This program is available to all businesses in the United States and Canada.

To schedule your energy audit, please email us or call us today at 716.688.0969. We will be happy to arrange a meeting to review your energy expenditures.